Better Babies provides the Support Services of the

Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program for Expectant and New Parents.


All services at Better Babies are provided in English and Spanish.  Call 530.894.5585 for service in English.

Todos los servicios en Better Babies se pueden proveir en Espanol of Ingles.  Llama a 530.894.5585 para servicios en Espanol.

Better Babies

Research has shown that education

and a positive attitude create better babies!



Our goal is a healthy pregnancy for a healthy baby and positive parenting.


Support Services are available to all low-income pregnant women.  Services are available from early pregnancy until baby is 8 weeks old. The baby’s father and other family members are included if desired.


Better Babies issues Presumptive Eligibility, a temporary Medi-Cal card, if a woman is income eligible, she will receive a pregnancy verification, help applying for Medi-Cal.


Our staff includes:

Our Staff includes Registered Nurses, Certified Birthing and Breastfeeding Educators, and Comprehensive Perinatal Health Educators. We also have Lactation, Nutrition, Health Education, and Social Work Consultants. We work with your Doctor, WIC, Medi-Cal and other agencies in the community at your request.


Services include private appointments, health education, nutritional information, individual support, and classes on birthing, breastfeeding, baby care.


All Services are covered by Medi-Cal. Women with health insurance pay a small fee for classes.


Obstetricians or Certified Nurse Midwives refer women eligible for Medi-Cal. Women also hear about Better Babies from WIC, Medi-Cal and women can self refer.


Call to schedule at our office 500 Cohasset Rd. Suite #15, Chico, California.



Call to register 530-894-5585.

Childbirth classes are taught in Chico.


Better Babies


Comprehensive Perinatal Support Program for Expectant & New Parents (CPSP)

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